Residential Building


Residential building concept Building based on the ancient granaries used to dry corn in the countryside, allowing it to be a sunscreen for better regulation of indoor comfort and sunlight. The solar orientation was studied in order to be oriented South Main, for better performance of solar collector systems for hot water and photovoltaic and have natural lighting as much as possible of hours. The house was designed so as not to use artificial light during the day. Modular construction with prefabricated porticos 6 on 6 meters with materials derived from wood pellets and wood laminates, application of photovoltaic panels and solar collectors to enable sustainability and autonomy. The house is located in a rural area in Cinfães, Douro, Portugal. It is organized into two distinct areas, area public and private area (living area, kitchen area and rooms), the library is the middle area of the building. It has one floor, with ramp access for people with disabilities. And the soil is elevated about 70 cm to allow for ventilation of the entire construction and installation of sewerage and water supply connections with good access and quality of execution.